Don’t Hold Your Breath for Season 2 of Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones pic

Jessica Jones

Ashley Hewitt is a legal professional based in Charleston, SC, serving more than six years as an accident and injury paralegal with George Sink P.A., Injury Lawyers. Outside her professional life, Ashley Hewitt is an avid fan of the original Netflix series Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones is both a commercial and critical success for Netflix. In addition to the reluctant heroine, Netflix has gone all in on street-level Marvel Comics content by investing heavily in Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher, The last three of these series have yet to make their debut on the streaming service, still being in various stages of production.

And that’s the problem for Jessica Jones fans. Because of contractual obligations and the timeline for The Defenders, fans may not see a second season for quite a while.

Fortunately, the first season of the show tidied up most of the plot holes, leaving little in terms of a cliffhanger. Questions still remain, however, about Trish Walker (will she become Hellcat soon?) and Officer Will Simpson, who ventures down his own dark path in the comic world.

With the Luke Cage series set for a fall release, along with Iron Fist, the Punisher and The Defenders on the docket, it could be late 2017 before fans get a proper second season of Jessica Jones. Given Netflix’s penchant for producing quality Marvel Comics content, however, it will probably be worth the wait.


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