The Charleston Animal Society’s Annual Chili Cook-Off and Oyster Roast

Charleston, SC Animal Society pic

Charleston, SC Animal Society

An experienced leader with a background in education, Ashley Hewitt most recently served as an accident and injury paralegal for George Sink, PA, in North Charleston, SC. In this capacity, she worked to resolve claim issues and helped clients understand their rights. Active in her local SC community, Ashley Hewitt supports such organizations as the Charleston Animal Society (CAS).

Dedicated to ending animal cruelty, the CAS has cared for animals since 1874. Over the years, the society has created and maintained numerous fundraising and awareness events, including the Annual Chili Cook-Off and Oyster Roast. Through past Chili Cook-Off events, the CAS has raised upwards of $300,000 thanks to the support of over 4,000 attendees.

Community members can attend the cook-off as guests, sponsors, or teams. Interested individuals can start or join teams online. Teams make the chili that is judged in the cook-off and raise donations. The CAS has created several videos and resources to help teams ask for donations. Money raised through the event helps the animals at the CAS. Entry to the event is granted for individuals who donate at least $25.

The 2016 Chili Cook-Off and Oyster Roast is scheduled for November 19, 2016. It will be held between the Old Navy Base and the Cooper River at Riverfront Park and will last from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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