Volunteering at the Charleston Animal Society

Charleston, SC Animal Society pic

Charleston, SC Animal Society
Image: charlestonanimalsociety.org



A longtime educator, Ashley Hewitt of Mt. Pleasant, SC, has served as a teacher for Pendleton Elementary School and assistant director for Mt. Pleasant Academy’s after-school program. More recently, she worked as an accident and injury paralegal for George Sink, PA. A passionate animal lover, Ashley Hewitt loves being around a wide range of animals. She also donates blankets, bones, and food to the Charleston (SC) Animal Society.

Committed to preventing animal cruelty, the Charleston Animal Society has been in operation since 1874. Over that time, the organization has relied heavily on the support of donors and volunteers to help care for as many animals as possible. Volunteers with the Charleston Animal Society are responsible for fulfilling the needs of the shelter’s animals. This includes walking and socializing dogs, caring for kittens and cats, and providing post-surgical care after animals are spayed or neutered. Volunteers also play a large role in assisting with special events and adoptions at the shelter.

All Charleston Animal Society volunteers must be at least 18 years old. While the shelter does accept volunteers who need hours for military, college, or workplace community service requirements, it does not accept individuals who need court-ordered service hours. The shelter usually looks for volunteers who are available on a long-term basis. Most positions require additional training, but not all positions are available at all times, so volunteers may need to be on a waiting list. Volunteers complete an interview so the shelter can determine where they are most needed, and they are expected to attend a volunteer orientation before starting their work.


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