Ashley Hewitt – Dedicated SC Professional in Law and EducationAs an accident and injury paralegal with the firm of George Sink P.A., Injury Lawyers of South Carolina (SC), Ashley Hewitt helped clients to understand their claims and their rights under state law. She worked on cases that ranged from product and premise liability to dog bites, many of which she facilitated through litigation. Ashley Hewitt of Mt. Pleasant, SC, now draws on more than six years of experience in civil litigation, including the composition of summons and complaints as well as the development of responses to interrogatories.

Ashley Hewitt comes to her service to the law following a successful earlier career in education in the state of SC. Hired as an after-school teacher at Mt. Pleasant Academy when she was only 15 years old, she worked her way up to become assistant director of the program. She aspired to a career as a public school teacher, earning her degree in elementary education before accepting a position as a third-grade teacher at Pendleton Elementary School. She later returned to school and received her master’s degree in education while also teaching full time. Ms. Hewitt has since applied this work ethic and dedication to professional growth in her work in law, having studied formal legal studies at Trident Technical College.


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